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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Let me start by saying that I have very strong feelings about this novel and its title. When I was in high school (and even in college, and even a little bit now) I considered myself a fangirl. I read fanfiction and even wrote a little (just a little –it weirded me out to work with characters that weren’t my own). I made web graphics and banners for my Livejournal. I was devoted to relationships between characters in novels that weren’t canon. In many ways I felt much the way that Cath does–I loved living in the world of fantasy and was loathe to participate in real world events. I loved this book. I loved that college (and an amazing guy) force Cath out of her comfort zone. I love Rainbow Rowell’s writing, So laugh-out-loud funny one moment and tears-forming-behing-my-eyes real the next. And don’t even get me started on the imperfect but loveable characters and the interludes of Simon Snow chapters and chapters of Cath’s fanfic for Simon Snow. The fake “encyclowikia” entry for the Simon Snow series just set the perfect stage for this novel. This made me miss every single Creative Writing workshop I took in college. It even made me a bit nostalgic for my fangirl days. In other words: this novel is so much fun and has so much to say about the nature of fandom and relationships. You’ll be caught up in Cath and Levi’s world and not want to leave. (By the way, I have a new fictional boyfriend–and it’s Levi. I would date a fantasy-loving Nebraska ranch boy any day of the week.)

In honor of my fangirl days, I’m posting below a favorite song of mine about ships (not the mode of oceanic transportation) from Not Literally. Enjoy!

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February 26, 2014 · 12:02 am