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Ten things I have found absolutely inconceivable since moving to Austin, Texas. (Not in any particular order).

1. How good a Torchy’s Tacos taco is.

2. Bicyclists in the left lanes of major roads throughout the city: what do you think this is???? A world where we (automobile drivers) actually share the road with cyclists????

3. In order to buy quarters from HEB it costs a minimum of $10 and 20 cents. I’m just a poor graduate student trying not to smell like I’ve fallen into the Bog of Eternal Stench (from the movie Labyrinth), you know?

4. The amount of churches in just a two mile radius in Hyde Park.

5. Kerbey Lane’s seasonal pancake flavors. Word.

6. The Austin Teen Book Festival. You mean….there’s an event in Texas that actually exists where I get to see a plethora of my favorite authors speak and they sign my books? It’s just truly….well the title says it all.

7. The amount of homeless persons congregated in front of the Co-Op on a Monday morning playing on banjos and guitars singing songs about the many wonderful merits of a special lady in their lives, “Mary Jane.”


9. For all the amazing, multicultural restaurants and gourmet dining experiences to be found here in Austin, all anyone can ever seem to talk about are the (let’s face it: semi-disgusting) breakfast tacos–not to be confused with the aforementioned amazing Torchy’s.

10. How much it costs to live here. Seriously, we aren’t in California. This is TEXAS people. It should never cost this much to live in a state that reaches temperatures of 100 on a daily basis in the summer months.

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