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Seven Tears Into the Sea by Terri Farley

seventearsBeckon the sea,

I’ll come to thee….

Shed seven tears,

perchance seven years….

Gwen revisits her childhood home, somewhere in coastal California, to help her grandmother run her Inn for the summer. Gwen is excited by the prospect of the freedom and independence living on her own will bring her, but she is anxious about living amongst people who saw her as that strange girl who sleepwalked to the shore, almost drowned, and claimed it had been a young, naked man who had saved her and then promptly disappeared. Gwen is ready to put the past behind her and enjoy the summer–but what if the boy who had saved her wasn’t a hallucination as she had begun to believe? What if, after seven years, he could finally return to her?

Seven Tears Into the Sea was a fun, fantastic read. I recommend it to anyone interested in the Scottish/Irish folklore story of selkies (not to be confused with selfies)–men and women who are part seal or sea lion who occasionally have a human mate. Unless you hide their seal coat (which means they are not allowed to return to the sea and makes them restless and depressed), selkies can only return to land every seven years for a short period of time. Even though this was a relatively short, fast read, I thought that it tackled quite a complex issue–how do you let go of someone you love, even when it’s right?

My only complaint is that I’ve really been craving a visit to the beach, and now I want to go EVEN more….and try squeezing out seven tears so I can finally have my own selkie husband….


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The Problem with Borrowing Things, in Particular your Best Friend’s Fiance: A Review of Something Borrowed

SomethingBorrowedSomething Borrowed by Emily Giffin

So, this is a short rant about what I found wanting in this novel, rather than a conventional review. I actually watched the movie based on the book long before ever reading the novel. I didn’t have very many positive things to say about the movie, either, but I decided to give the book a try–because it is my own personal belief that the book is always better (best). And for all the negative things I’m about to say about the book, I can say that it was a fast read, with fairly engaging writing. However, the following are the main three problems I had with this novel:

1. Darcy is as Flat as an Inhabitant of Flatland

Rachel narrates the novel and that means we are privy to her most unflattering thoughts of her best friend since childhood. So as a reader, our view of Darcy is already skewed. I had a problem conjuring up very much feeling for Darcy at all–in Rachel’s head she was constantly bitchy, shallow, and self-obsessed. There was one scene, the morning after her bachelorette party, that was supposed to add a little more depth to her character and make Rachel’s moral struggle with her affair more conflicting. However for me it just fell flat.

2. Please Stop Taking a Dump On Female Friendships

Do we all, at some point, feel jealous of our friends’ lives or their awesome accomplishments? Of course! But having an affair with their fiance just because they’re constantly “one-upping” you in life is drastic and absurd. Perhaps this was what really bothered me about the novel. Sure, Darcy may have a great paying job that she enjoys and an attractive fiance…but every one is on their own path in life.

3. It’s All Dexter’s Fault. All of it. Everything.

So you think this girl in your Torts class is cute, Dex, but she turns you down for a potential night of hanky-panky, which you only vaguely hint at–what’s the next logical move? Is it ask her on a real date? Make even more effort to speak to her outside of school and let her know you’re interested VERBALLY WITH YOUR WORDS? Nope. It’s actually to start a serious relationship WITH HER CHILDHOOD BEST FRIEND, ask the best friend to marry you, then FINALLY MAKE A MOVE ON THAT CUTE GIRL SEVEN YEARS LATER. Oh yeah, smooth move, Dex.

So guys, this was just not the novel for me–though I did enjoy all the food mentioned in the book. It had me craving pizza for three days straight. And just like Rachel, I’m not one to count the calories.

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