Another Poem

Here’s another random poem I wrote the other day while I was at work. I’m only posting it now of course because I am avoiding writing and researching for a very important paper….

I am the spider.

I haunt the dark corner of the room,

waiting for you,

the fly

waiting for you to be caught in my web

what you don’t see:

the beautiful, long silver fibers

I spun in a pattern

just so,

strong enough

to hold us up

as you beat your wings, tearing,

crashing into silken stretches

woven and constructed carefully

by me, the spider

who consumes you,

the fly,

and later

later when my web is in tatters

and I will be crushed under shoe

or flung into the garden bushes

perhaps you will understand

the importance of a single,

lustrous strand

how it is strong enough to bind your body,

your threatening wings

perhaps then you will understand

me, the spider.



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2 responses to “Another Poem

  1. That’s a awesome poem. I’d probably appreciate it even more if I wasn’t totally terrified of spiders. 😉

  2. Thank you! I’m terrified of spiders too, just FYI, and all bugs in general. I guess maybe I write about certain things to become less scared of them. Though I doubt I will ever write a cockroach poem…ick.

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