Legend by Marie Lu

Legend by Marie Lu

Day is the street name of a criminal the futuristic and dystopic government of the Republic desperately wants to catch. Ever since he was ten and “failed” his Trial, Day has been on the run, scouring the streets and garbage bins of Los Angeles to find and do whatever he can to protect his family from afar. However, this goes awry when his little brother Eden is diagnosed with a new strain of the plague. On the other end of the spectrum, spoiled and pampered prodigy June is labeled a troublemaker at her college. She wants to go on missions with her brother and fight for the Republic, even if her brother thinks she is still too young.
Although they are enemies and couldn’t be more different, June and Day will become unlikely allies and discover they have more in common than they ever could have thought.

Legend is fast-paced with an interesting premise (I particularly like that the author drew inspiration for the story from the central conflict in Les Miserables) and a truly dystopian world. However, I felt that something was lost by having the characters switch back and forth in their points of view. I felt that there was so much potential in the story–potential that wasn’t fully explored. I know that this is only to be the first in a series, but this is the primary thing which often bothers me about YA science fiction and fantasy series: I often feel that the story is incomplete. Yes, I realize that there needs to be loose ends for the story to continue. However, to me it is not a strong novel if the story is not complete.
But for a compelling futuristic world and a good balance between fast-paced action and slower, emotional scenes, I will have to say that I would recommend this book to someone who enjoys the dystopian genre (specifically if you enjoyed The Hunger Games series or Across the Universe by Beth Revis).



February 19, 2013 · 11:52 pm

4 responses to “Legend by Marie Lu

  1. I actually liked the switching back and forth between points of view because I thought it increased the tension, but I can definitely see what you mean about it also losing some potential to get into the story a little more deeply. It’s hard to really explore a world through a character’s eyes when they only have half the face time available. Still, it kept me turning pages enough that I checked out the sequel.

    What YA science fiction or fantasy series would you recommend as a more complete story? I’m always on the lookout for new books to add to my TBR pile. 🙂

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed reading the book very much! The “more complete story” is a problem I have encountered with many sci-fi and fantasy YA series that I’ve read. I guess as a writer it’s a very difficult tight rope to walk….how to write a whole, complete novel and still leave enough loose ends to keep the reader wanting more? But as far as series I’ve found that do this on a very successful scale (in my personal opinion), the Across The Universe trilogy by Beth Revis I would definitely recommend. Also the Gemma Doyle books by Libba Bray. Shadow and Bone is the first book in a new YA fantasy series that is forthcoming and I loved it.

    • I really enjoyed the “Across the Universe” books, and you’re the second person to recommend the Gemma Doyle series to me this month…guess I should take that as a sign. 😉

      • Yes Libba Bray is an amazing writer. Both of her fantasy fiction series (the Gemma Doyle books and The Diviners) are fantastically creepy and marvelously written.

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